Thursday, 19 April 2012

Jewellery – Wedding Rings for your Big Day

Make sure you shop early for jewellery if you want to get the perfect wedding rings.

When you’re planning your wedding, whether it’s big or small, there will be lots of things on your “to do” list. From flowers to cake, dresses to wedding rings, there’s a lot to think about and a lot to do. Many of those things need to be done in the few weeks or days leading up to your wedding, so it makes sense to shop for other things early so that you can cross them off your list. Wedding jewellery is straightforward to take care of, and allows you to take the time you need to choose the perfect wedding rings for you.

Which Wedding Rings?

Most couples today tend to have a wedding ring each – the giving and receiving of rings is an important part of the marriage ceremony, whether you’re having a religious service or a civil ceremony. Once you’ve decided that you’re both having a ring, you need to decide whether you want matching rings or different designs. This usually comes down to your own personal preferences, but if you haven’t had a chance to check out the variety of wedding jewellery available to you, you might be surprised at the options:
  • Matching sets – a dedicated jewellery store can offer you a range of matching sets, allowing you to complete your marriage with the perfect symbolic gift. Available in different metals, depending on your taste and budget, you can find unusual and stunning matching sets that will help to make your day a real success.

  • Tough wedding rings – want to be sure that your wedding rings will last for ever? Newly designed wedding jewellery is available in tungsten, titanium and zirconium, all alloys known and respected for their durability. If you work in an environment where your ring could get damaged or scratched, this is a great choice. And because these rings are still beautifully designed, you can order matching rings for your wedding day.

  • Designer wedding rings – of course, if you’re looking for jewellery with a difference, or you want to support emerging jewellery designers, you should take a look at the latest in designer wedding rings. Using a range of materials and techniques, these wedding rings will catch the eye and make you feel special every day.

Designer jewellery – choosing a special piece

Advice on choosing a piece of designer jewellery.

It can be difficult to choose a piece of designer jewellery for someone else, especially when there’s such a lot of beautiful jewellery to choose from. Designer jewellery varies from small, delicate designs to fabulous sculpted statements, and uses a wide range of metals and stones.

Finding the right designer jewellery

Knowing which piece of designer jewellery to choose can come down to how well you know the tastes of the person you’re buying for. Whether you’re choosing cufflinks or earrings, you need to take the time to think about what the recipient likes and what they’re likely to wear:

  • Observation – if you see the person you’re buying for on a regular basis, take notice of what type of jewellery they wear already. Buying designer jewellery will be much easier if you have some idea of what your recipient already prefers to wear. Look at design and colour so that you can narrow your search. You might want to accompany them on some window shopping so that you can note the type of jewellery they like the look of. Don’t forget to notice whether the person you’re giving to likes to wear long or short necklaces, stud or drop earrings or classic or contemporary designer jewellery.

  • Price – think about how much you want to spend on designer jewellery, which can be priced more reasonably than you might think. Buying an individual piece of designer jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank, but you should buy the best piece that you can afford – or look for special offers where you can get a matching set of traditional or contemporary designer jewellery at a discounted price.

  • Everyday or special occasion – decide whether you’re buying designer jewellery to be worn every day or just on special occasions. People choose to wear jewellery at different times and a piece that is suitable for wearing to work may not have the sparkle or special effect that a more ornate evening piece might have. Once you know how your designer jewellery gift is likely to be used, it will be easier to make a decision.
Don’t rush into buying a piece of designer jewellery – take the time to browse a variety of collections before you choose. The more thought you put into purchasing designer jewellery, the more likely you are to choose something that brings real delight to the person who receives it.

Designer Jewellery-Open Pandora’s Box

Pandora Designer Jewellery-Not Just Charms

Although the Pandora brand is known for its stunning charm bracelets there is a lot more to it than this. The Pandora charms have been a huge success with some of Hollywood’s greatest stars designing their own Pandora charm bracelets. The Pandora range includes stunning bracelets, necklaces and rings that will make the perfect gift for someone you love. Say it with designer jewellery.

Designer Jewellery-Make it your Own

The designer jewellery from Pandora is different in many ways to other designer brands. With Pandora you are allowed to create the perfect piece of designer jewellery from scratch. For example you start from the beginning and decide on a chain which could be gold, silver or steel and tailor it to the exact length if it is a necklace and maybe extras such as animal Pandora charms. Secondly you can choose the exact decoration for your designer jewellery and this is how Pandora is truly different. You can guarantee that even if all of your friends bought a Pandora bracelet they would all be unique. The beads on a charm bracelet such as this are designer to screw on rather than dangle and are easily interchanged to make your designer jewellery look different for varied events. Celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jenifer Garner have been seen wearing this brand of designer jewellery.

Designer Jewellery-Show you Care with Pandora

If you are searching for an original Christmas gift this year, a Pandora charm is perfect. A charm is personal and you can guarantee there won’t be a chance that someone else may have got the same gift. There are charms to represent emotions, events and milestones allowing you to create an incredibly thoughtful gift with ease. This gift idea is great for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, graduation gifts and more. There is a bracelet to suit everyone. Choose Pandora’s latest range of designer jewellery for the perfect gift for someone close to you this Christmas.

Friday, 30 March 2012

STD Test – London Girls at Risk

Figures suggest that more females should think about their sexual health and take an STD test, London girls are at risk.

Taking an STD test in London is easy – there are walk-in and specialist clinics dedicated to providing quick, easy and efficient STD testing. But the truth remains that there is still a powerful stigma associated with STD testing, but it’s vital that stigma is removed.

STD Test London Specialist Clinics

Making STD testing accessible and hassle-free is all part of the battle to encourage people to visit an STD clinic. Homosexual men are more likely to take care of their sexual health due to the massive impact AIDS and HIV had on the community – as a result, it’s the younger heterosexuals that are more susceptible to catching STDs and HIV. Statistics show that it is more precisely young girls who are most at risk from sex diseases.

Sexual Transmitted Disease – Get Tested

As a result of the vulnerability of this group, the Government’s safe sex campaign in schools has been dubbed a failure as infections among the young continue to rise. There are a number of unpleasant STDs, but one which is causing increasing concern is the incurable genital herpes. Although genital herpes is treatable the victim is likely to suffer from lifelong recurrences of the infection. Its important girls go for an STD test at London specialist clinics or through their GP because without treatment it can be a very unpleasant condition. The rate of STI cases is shooting up amongst teenage girls illustrating the fact many have multiple partners and don’t practise safe sex.

STD Test London Clinic can help

Studies show that sexual infection rates have risen continuously in the last decade, with the highest increases in the younger age group of 16 to 24. Chlamydia and genital warts have increased, although syphilis and gonorrhoea cases dropped by 1 per cent in 2006. The underlying message however is that there is no room for complacency – it’s important to practise safe sex and to be pro-active about your sexual health by taking regular STD tests. London residents may be more cosmopolitan but there is still a huge percentage of young people who don’t even know they are carrying an STD. Sexual diseases left undiagnosed and untreated can be transmitted to others as well as cause damage to the person’s fertility, and even threaten their life. Regular screening should be the norm, not the exception as almost all STDs can be treated, cured or managed effectively if caught in time.

For a complete range of STD tests, London based CITYDOC is ideally and discreetly located in the City of London for fast, professional and discreet service. Based at the junction of City Road and Finsbury Square, CITYDOC is open for walk-in patients or you can book your appointment by contacting the practice now on 0207 256 8668. The clinic offers full sexual screens for men and women. If you are thinking about an STD Test, contact CITYDOC today.

3 Pieces of Jewellery You Just Need

Jewellery is generally seen as something of a luxury commodity, rather than a necessity. Usually this is true but the following 3 pieces of brilliant bijou are exceptions. This is jewellery that you just HAVE to have, so read on and whet your appetite:

1) Charm bracelet
A charm bracelet is so great because it is an item that evolves throughout time, throughout your lifetime. You and your loved ones can continually add to it until it is a symbol of numerous fantastic memories and your important relationships.

A diamond ring is a must. Every girl wants one at some point in her life and if nobody else is going to buy you one any time soon, then treat yourself! There are no rules against it so stop waiting and enjoy life’s pleasures now!

3) Silver necklace
Simple, classy, tasteful, elegant. There are numerous suitable superlatives for sterling silver necklaces, so buy one today.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hugo Boss: tailoring the world since 1923

Hugo Boss has come a long way from its origins as a tailor in 1920s Germany – the clothing company is now one of the biggest fashion brands in the world

Hugo Boss has come a long way from its origins as a tailor’s company in 1920s Germany. The clothing company is now one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, but still retains a unique cachet thanks to its reputation for style and quality through all sectors of the men’s fashion market.

The company’s history makes fascinating reading. The original Hugo Ferdinand Boss was a tailor, born in 1885 in Metzingen, Germany. When he started his tailor’s business in 1923, the country was recovering from the effects of defeat in the First World War and was economically depressed until Hitler’s government spending coaxed its economy back into life.

Hugo Boss suits
Hugo Boss was used by the Nazi government, like Mercedes, Volkswagen and other German brands still popular today – in his case, making the uniforms worn by Hitler’s elite SS officers. The contract ended with the end of the Second World War, and after Hugo Boss died in 1947 the company closed for five years.

In 1953, as West Germany began booming again, a revived Hugo Boss company began producing its first business suits for men. The suit was a huge success, and the company expanded into other markets in other countries. In many people’s eyes, Hugo Boss was “the” fashion label of the power-dressing 1980s.

Hugo Boss: casual menswear
By 1993 Hugo Boss was producing formal and casual menswear and womenswear as well as a range of fragrances – which has gone on to be a success in its own right, although the clothing label struggled later in the decade. The promotion of design director Werner Baldessarini to chief executive began was the first stage in the Hugo Boss’s re-emergence.

At the end of the millennium, Hugo Boss Clothing decided to separate its suits business from its casualwear business. The formal range became known as Boss Black, and the casual garments were given the Boss Orange label. Boss Green, a range of sportwear, was also introduced.

Credit for the revival of Hugo Boss must go largely to Baldessarini, who was rewarded when GQ magazine named him their “Man of the Year” in 2002. Today, Hugo Boss brand men’s designer clothing is now available in more than 5,000 stores in 103 countries and it is as popular as it has ever been.

Hugo Boss: available at Bolo
Bolo, the award-winning designer clothing retailer, has been selling Hugo Boss men’s designer clothing in its range for many years.

Evisu jeans founder’s five favourite things

Ever wondered what multi-millionaire fashion moguls are into? Check out this list from the Evisu founder – you might be surprised

If you don’t know about the founder and head of Evisu, the denim fashion label, you might be surprised to learn about him. His list of five favourite things, for example, is not entirely what you’d expect from your average multimillionaire fashion mogul.

But then Hidehiko Yamane isn’t your average multimillionaire fashion mogul. How many heads of fashion labels can you imagine appearing on a TV programme about fishing (Ted Baker aside)?

Evisu: fine attention to detail
Attention to detail isn’t listed as one of Yamane-san’s favourite things – although it should be. When he started making Evisu jeans, disappointed with the mass-produced replica vintage jeans of the late 1980s, one of the things Yamane insisted on was that Evisus were made with old Union Special sewing machines formerly used by Levis (until the 1950s, at least). Evisu denim is also indigo dyed with indigo from Yamane’s own plantings.

The name “Evisu” is a clue to one of Yamane’s most obvious favourite things: money. Evisu (or Evis, or Ebisu) is the Japanese god of wealth – although that didn’t stop Levis launching an ill-fated court case against the company because they thought “Evis” was too similar to “Levis”, despite Evisu jeans carrying the Yamane-designed seagull logo that has become its world-famous trademark.

Fishing, golf and Evisu
And like Ted Baker, Yamane likes fishing – to a ridiculous degree. Unlike Baker, he has launched an Evisu range specifically for anglers and, as alluded to above, frequently appears on fishing programme on Japanese TV.

The Evisu founder also shares the Japanese passion for golf (and, again, has launched his own range of clothes for golfers). So far, then, so fashion designer – and perhaps you might be expecting the last two favourite things to be fine art, yachts, interior design, champagne or the colour mauve?

In fact, Hidehiko Yamane lists beer and women as his last two favourite things. And who’s going to argue with him?

Not us – not when he puts so much effort – and effortless style – into Evisu jeans.

Evisu denim: available at Bolo
Bolo, the award-winning designer clothing retailer, has been selling Evisu men’s designer clothing in its range for many years.